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main character
First appearance:Page 0046
Full name:Ahmis
Nickname(s):#10,392 (pre-Maker tag)
Rogue Maker (by this wiki)
Title(s):High Maker of the Colegium (former)
Gender:asexual/male appearance
Affiliations:Colegium, Continuum (former)
Kik, dumb bird
Family:800 dead spawns
Rogue Spirit

Ahmis, also known under his Pre-Maker tag #10,392[1], is a Maker. He is the main character of the Ahmis Plot. He is a former member of the Colegium but was expelled and cast out of the Continuum of Makers for creating the Rogue Spirit. For the purposes of this wiki, he had been dubbed "Rogue Maker" until he revealed his made-name.[2]

His adventures are chronicled in the Ahmis Plot.


  • Ahmis begins his story with war on an unknown planet as a pre-Maker. He is the only one who survives.
  • In this ultimate situation of stress, he creates his first Spirit: a weapon.
  • He defeats the native enemy and gets his distinguishing mark, a wound on his crest, in the process.[3]
  • 50 years later, he is is tested to be part of the Colegium, but fails.
  • Another 50 years later, he fails the test again.
  • Yet another 50 years later, he exceeds expectations on the test and proceeds to the final stage, the "test of tests".
    Each of these final tests are unique for each Maker. His task is to build a device that isolates a single quark with little resources and little time - a week. And with no food.[4]
  • He is angry about the no food rule and succeeds quickly - within an hour![5]
  • During his time as a member of the Colegium, he creates the Rogue Spirit, a strong A.I., able to birth Spirits itself. This appalls the Colegium.[6]
  • As a result, he is not only cast out of the Colegium, but also out of the Continuum. He actually has to fight his way out of the ship to flee with his creation. He then gets on his ship and leaps several time, to delay tracing.[7]
  • While the Rogue Spirit produces copies of itself and pours his mind into Ahmis Ship[8], he spawns pre-Makers[9], 800 of them, in fact[10].
  • The Continuum catches up to them[11], but he manages to escape[citation needed].
  • Several hundreds of years later, he lands on Wirum in a space capsule and takes a local boy, Kik, as his apprentice[12].
  • He and Kik later encountered the crew of the Machito.[13]

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