A Little Time 6/8

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  • A Little Time
  • by zach weinersmith - smbc-comics.com
  • 6/8

  • Taneel: Okay, new plan!
  • Skitter: I can't! The ship is stuck!
  • Taneel: When are we?
  • Skitter: I think the past? Well... sorta.
  • Taneel: Sorta?
  • O'Noshly: [off-screen] Captain Taneel! At last!
  • Taneel: Who's this?
  • O'Noshly: It's O'Noshly the Fifty-third.
  • Orla: What in the...
  • O'Noshly: Version of us that hivemind "killed" actually escaped to past. Crashed on tiny planet. Nosh and Orly were only survivors. Made beautiful new hybrid species!
    Now, we help you re-launch spaceship!
  • Taneel: Well... I... That's...
  • Orla: Ew! Ew! No offense but ew!
  • Nosh: Awww. Is love.

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  • Orla is mistakenly referred to as "Orly".