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  • A Little Time
  • by zach weinersmith - smbc-comics.com
  • 5/8

  • Nosh: Okay. Broadcasting signal to past-us from the future... Annnnd... Huh. Is funny.
  • Taneel: What's funny? How could anything be funny right now?
  • Nosh: Is past-us from future, sending distress signal.
  • Taneel on screen: Captain! It's you from tomorrow! The hivemind slipped back to the past with you, then hid out until one week ago. They've ambushed us!
  • Taneel: Just to be clear past-future-me, when we went to the past, we created a bad future species, who went less far back in time, which made
  • [BOOM!]
  • Hive: [off-screen] This is the hive! Prepare for annihilation!
  • Taneel: Skitter! Evasive maneuvers!
  • [KRSH!]
  • Taneel: [off-screen] Skitter!
  • Skitter: [off-screen] Gravity is weird here!

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