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  • A Little Time
  • by zach weinersmith - smbc-comics.com
  • 4/8

  • And so...
  • Nosh: Goon news and bad news, captain.
  • Taneel: Good news first this time.
  • Nosh: Have taught tiny ones Veetan theory of pacifism. That way, when give them plasma guns in future, they no fighting.
  • Taneel: Great! So, no hivemind.
  • Fernando: Give'er the bad news, Nosh.
  • Nosh: Is like this - they become happy agrarian society. Peaceful. Garden of Eden! Later, asteroid come and they have no space program. Boom. All die.
  • Taneel: Oh boy.
  • Nosh: In plus column, as you say, when we crash land later, nobody mad!
  • Taneel: New plan: Take us to right before we arrive here, then hail us!
  • Skitter: Great. Another enw plan because that's been going soooo well.

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