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  • A Little Time
  • by zach weinersmith - smbc-comics.com
  • 3/8

  • Taneel: New plan: We travel into the planet's past and give them just enough technology to deflect our ship before we crash land.
  • Skitter: In we go!
  • Soon...
  • Nosh: Captain, is good new and bad news.
  • Fernando: Yeah... so... it turns out you can't teach a society about plasma deflection guns without having them shooting each other with the guns.
  • Taneel: What's the good news?
  • Fernando: That was the comparatively good news. The bad nes is that the war kills all but two of them.
  • Fernando: Those two repopulate the planet, but the genetic bottleneck made them into a sort of bee-like hivemind. And then-
  • Nosh: Captain! There are tiny little ships coming from the future!
  • [tiny little ships shoot at Machito]
  • Tiny little ship: Surrender or we will atomize you!
  • Taneel: Take us back before we gave them the plasma guns!

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